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Our tagline is ‘learning is changing’ and to us that means creating truly innovative and transformative learning for this generation, and the next. 

putting our money where our mouth is...

We invest heavily in formal R&D; over $1m in the last 18 months.

Through our research, we are evidencing transformative learning through the creation of memorable developmental experiences for our geographically, culturally, and sector-diverse client base.

what have we been up to?

  • developed a digital suite of learning topics called fluidbooks that are transforming the learning experience for a fraction of eLearning development cost
  • initiated conversion of our 'Core' of intellectual property into paperless and mobile content that is transforming our client experience
  • adapted a 'netflix-style' approach to learning content management
  • leveraged illustration and animation services to help our clients tell a story and captivate their learning audience
  • adapted our core facilities with video production & capability so that we now support: (ILT); (VILT); (OLT); 1:1; 1:many; and mobile learning
  • invented z-cards, an innovative approach to pocket-based learning 
  • embraced zappar technology as a means of pushing paperless learning
  • ‘orchestrated’ excellence with 300 business leaders, a Balinese musician and a room full of bamboo
  • made training a bit more ‘hands-on’ by assembling prosthetic hands with a group of financial managers
  • opened our ‘Client Deck' (UK) & 'Client Lounge' (USA), leveraging interactive technology and design software to open a new world of learning concepts, while shortening design time
  • worked with professional set designers and an improv comedy group to create a more memorable customer service learning experience for group of retail top managers & leaders
  • created purpose-built learning centers in central London and central DC, demonstrating what a 21st century classroom should look like


own very own Silicon Valley

HF is committed to continual research and development!  The HF ‘garage’ is the latest of our development projects... at atmosphere where we can continually test & develop the most innovative learning solutions.  Projects underway include:

  • augmented reality solutions, including 3D training environment development
  • continued digitization of our 'Core' intellectual propertry platform
  • mobile & gaming apps  
  • digital university integration
  • expanded use of HF z-card and zappar technology  
  • cloud-based learning applications

a perfect place to learn

Think training rooms are boring? Think again…

Centrally located near Farragut North and West Metro stops, our Wasington-DC training center is specifically designed for learning. A technologically-optimized, beautifully designed & ergonomic environment, we don’t think there’s a better - or more convenient - place to learn. 

solution co-creation

You spend a lot of time with your learning partners & we think you should have a little fun along the way. Our unique approach to co-creation & design makes for a more enjoyable, productive learning experience.

You bring your ideas, business challenges & the best of what you already have. We’ll bring the rest: training experts, business consultants, learning solutions & methodologies. 

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Why not speak to one of our friendly learning advisers? Please call, email or make a quick enquiry using this short form...

Call 888-559-0074