Virtual/remote working

Technological advances, and the obvious pressures of the recent pandemic, have led us to a point where not everybody needs to be sat at a desk in an office to be effective. Increasingly, teams are ‘virtual’ – not physically in the same place at the same time. But they still need to operate as a cohesive team. Lack of physical contact can easily present challenges for communication, collaboration, group dynamics and much more besides. We help overcome these challenges, to help people be motivated, high-performing virtual teams.

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Even though remote work has been a rising trend for several years, the Covid-19 pandemic will reveal the opportunities and challenges of working from home for many companies that may not have considered it an option. The blurring of work and home lives might not be just a temporary side effect of the pandemic. Many workers will be strongly encouraged to work from home at least some of the time over the next year or so. Hemsley Fraser have services and resources to help your teams manage their working days more effectively and remain motivated and productive.

Supporting employees with the new ways of working

Access to toolkits and learning in a self-directed manner, available as and when the need arose

Helping a pharma client adapt quickly to support their organization to work remotely

Damian Briggs - Key Account Manager

Damian gives a quick overview of how we helped a key pharma client, with a huge global population, to support their workforce to work remotely. The challenge was to quickly create and share toolkits for leaders and individual contributors, to support their staff with the new ways of working necessitated by the recent pandemic.

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Working with a leading UK pharmaceutical company to provide free resources

How we're adapting... 

Never has the notion of employee engagement been more important, as most of our businesses were forced into remote or home working arrangements overnight. As our employees socially distance from friends, family, and co-workers, keeping connections are fundamental to their well-being.

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