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our environmental commitment 

We recognize that our activities have an impact on the environment and we’re committed to managing and improving our environmental performance. 

We regularly review our environmental impact and we are committed to:

  • Moving our Core intellectual property to a digital footprint as quickly as possible
  • Using new technology, like fluidbooks, to provide more planet-friendly learning solutions
  • Minimizing our print cost through the use of innovative z-cards which replace traditional learning materials
  • Leveraging new applications, like Zappar, to constantly refresh content, without turning on the copier
  • Employing virtual communications in our internal and client meetings to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Minimizing trainer travel by employing an extensive network of global trainers that are close in proximity to our major clients

Todd Turner - Chief Executive Officer

putting our words into action

with Zappar technology HF is quickly transforming how our course and client materials are presented.  Zappar technology allows any course content or employee communication to be stored digitially and pushed to our clients' devices.  Zappar technology means that course refreshment is a breeze, as content can be centrally updated without a need for any printing or re-distribution. 

Download the Zappar app and hover over the lightening bolt image to experience this planet-friendly option in action! 

want more information on HF in the palm of your hand?

zap me!


saving one tree at a time, meet our z-card

named for its accordion-style design, our innovative z-card materials replace traditional training notebooks.

Key learning models, tips, and journeling space keeps the most relevant training points right in your pocket.  And you save not only on training print costs, but shipping as well.  

Want to take things a step further? Why not integrate a Zappar link on your z-card... allowing complete digital access to even the most detailed of training courseware.