Creating a workforce experience

Leverage our rapid architecting services to quickly ‘mix and match’ across our assets, your existing programs, and newly created context pieces… creating endless workplace experiences to meet your enterprise development needs.

Your key to 100% engagement 

  • Make it relevant
  • Set a cohesive message
  • Empower a learning culture
  • Be driven by your analytics

Getting to 100% engagement

Organization-wide learning & communication that's cohesive, relevant, driven by your data and that encourages a culture of learning to help you achieve your business goals

Make it relevant

Set context for your training if you expect to capture attention.  A random program on setting SMART objectives isn’t very compelling.  A video message from a key leader highlighting the shift to virtual team working procedures will be watched by many… and can be paired with training on effective team performance management tips.  

Set a cohesive message

If you want transformational change, don’t just train on it -- support it across the board with C-suite messages, periodic business updates, policy changes, and success stories.  

Empower a learning culture

Encourage video ‘shout-outs’, podcast development, and grass-roots team-building efforts.  People want to hear from their colleagues, and your engagement will go through the roof.

Be driven by your analytics

Monitor your usage data to see what topics are of most interest, which asset types are trending, times of day that are best to capture attention. Need help? Our client success managers will share insights and suggestions aimed specifically at boosting your engagement.


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