Custom content


We can create custom learning content to boost relevance for your learners

The benefits of 

'topping and tailing'

Oftentimes you can achieve the benefit of a custom program without recreating the wheel:

  • Extend the shelf-life of legacy programs by bringing designs up-to-date. You'll be surprised what simple re-design, graphics update, or introduction of a digital component will do
  • Extend your learning journey by blending in new assets from HF's easily re-configurable learning library, giving you an enhanced learning experience that still keeps focus and balance on your custom message, but excites and embeds your learning.
Blended programs
Even if you're not comfortable with face-to-face right now, it doesn't mean your program can't be blended. Coaching, on-demand learning, e-books, podcasts... there is always a way to mix it up, and make it more engaging!

Leave it to us 

Program architecture, course design, modernization, digital learning, translation... we've got you covered

The Hub

Leverage our digital hub to house your legacy and 3rd party content 

The HF Hub is the perfect home for your custom content, whether HF-developed, legacy or 3rd party, ensuring you have ready access to all of the building blocks needed to create new learning experiences

Explore the Hub


Speak to one of our expert learning advisers

Tell us more about your custom content needs. Whether a one-off program design, or a multi-tiered global architecture, we're ready to assist.

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