Learning & Development Impact Survey – 2021

The evolution of learning & its role in achieving business success

This survey is now closed - why not take a look at the survey findings report below.

Without a doubt, the pandemic has accelerated the evolution of learning towards more digital and agile practices, but what insights can we draw from businesses experiencing this shift and how can we use them to guide our learning strategies for 2021 and beyond?

In partnership with 5App and HR Grapevine, Hemsley Fraser is currently conducting a ‘Learning & Development Impact Survey – 2021’. The survey is investigating the evolution of learning and its role in achieving business success. Exploring the challenges of the last 12 months, future requirements and the importance of creating an agile learning culture.

The survey takes just ten minutes to complete; it has a series of multiple-choice and short answer questions that examine how learning approaches and technologies used to facilitate learning have changed. It looks at future skills needs, L&D strategy drivers and the connection to business objectives, as well as helping to uncover the impacts of the pandemic on learning and other challenges faced by L&D professionals in what has been an extraordinary time.

The exclusive findings from the survey will help L&D professionals shape strategies, providing insights on implementation accelerators and potential barriers to developing an agile learning culture.

This survey is now closed - why not take a look at the survey findings report


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