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we're doing something different at HF... we're helping to make people's working lives better.   If you’re motivated to do the same, you may be just who we’re looking for...   

we consult, inspire and deliver learning and people development programs that truly make a difference. And we are looking for teammates that are as passionate about that goal as we are. 

what we look for in a teammate... You aren't the type to look at your watch, you enjoy what you do and look forward to new challenges each day. You probably have a hard time sitting still, your mind is always coming up with new ideas. You have an outgoing personality and like to encourage the people you work with. You stick with it when things get tough.  

what you'll find in HF as an employer....

  • a chance to be a part of a great team
  • modern and funky office space that you'll want to come in to
  • competitive annual leave and holidays on a maxi-flex schedule
  • an opportunity to 'buy' extra leave as desired for your quality of life balance
  • your birthday off work with full pay.  No one should have to work on their birthday!
  • Christmas to New Years break - holiday time is special, we take a break to enjoy it
  • great training and development opportunities
  • life insurance 
  • 401k with generous matching and vesting provisions
  • a paycheck!

a word from our Emotional Support Officer...

At just 3 years old, I am the newest and youngest member of the HF team.  I used to have a distant relative that resided in our London office, but I am warned that he got too unruly & I must be on my best behavior.  My role is to ensure that everyone at work stays happy, which is normally not an issue with this group.  Whether I am spurring creativity in a design session, ensuring that everyone takes at least a mid-day ‘relief’ break, or comforting when our clients turn up their wish list… there is no shortage of things to keep me on my paws.    

- Charlie


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