Leadership in the digital age

Leaders in the digital age face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. This has become particularly true with the challenges presented by the recent pandemic... how do you lead in a virtual/remote working environment, and what are the skills and know-how leaders need to be resilient and successful in these unpredictable times? Also, what does this mean to the way leaders are developed, the skills we now expect from them, and who is considered to be a leader? We've identified six pairs of traits that leaders, developing leaders, or those leading work initiatives should seek to balance to be successful in their roles.

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This page includes a range of thought-provoking resources that will help you understand how to be an effective leader and how organizations and leaders must be both "people-first" and "tech-first" in the digital age. 

Expectations of work have been fundamentally re-shaped

Digital advancements, global challenges & working with uncertainty... So what traits do leaders need in the digital age?

Six pairs of leadership traits

Curiosity & Critical Thinking
Vulnerability & Confidence
Empathy & Decisiveness
Bravery & Engagement
Creativity & Drive
Agility & Attention


Todd Turner (CEO) and Valerie Nichols (Executive Consultant) discuss our six pairs of traits that will ensure leaders are well-equipped to lead, and how balance is the key to leadership effectiveness.

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