Modernising learning provision

Often times organisation's don't know what to do with outdated legacy programs, or legacy suppliers, that aren't reflecting of current day needs. Rather than completely starting over, HF works with you to address practical steps that can quickly modernise your program - extending the shelf-life of your investment by keeping those things that still work, and helping you to rationalise programmes that are no longer needed.

It may be as simple as updating graphics and brand to breathe new life. It may be re-designing old face-to-face materials into a virtual or digital delivery format - immediately bringing the program up-to-date and improving accessibility.  Perhaps it's as simple as combining your legacy content with new off-the-shelf assets that provide context and relevance. Whatever the size or stage of your program need, our L&D professionals can help you outline an approach that is practical and brings maximum value. 

Whether it be legacy content refreshment, new content development, third party integration, or supplier management, we can help you bring together the broadest array of innovative learning content to meet your need. Our goal is to leverage the best of everything you have to accelerate business performance and to improve the experience for your learners... while saving you money too.

Through true partnership 

The client sees HF as an extension of their internal training team, fully able to support their rapidly changing business priorities.

Building a managed learning service (MLS) partnership with Virgin Media

Learning Journeys – 

why are they important?

Learning, now more than ever, is about how you take the learner on a journey; from their understanding and skills at the starting point through to enabling them to do or think differently by the end. A one-off learning event or intervention may stay with the learner and influence the way they do things in the short term but, to gain real change, the 21/90 rule states that it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent change.

Modernise overnight
Mix and Match: explore the thousands of assets immediately available through the HF Hub and imagine how your assets could be combined to bring maximum relevance for your learners. 


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