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Adapting to hybrid working has been tough. Digital fatigue and new time pressures have impacted the way we learn. It’s vital that when people do find time for learning, they have clear, easy-to-consume access to highly relevant and contextualised content, right at their fingertips.

Pointing them to a library and wishing them the best is not enough…

In the flow of work and

linked to business goals

Our market and client data tells us that if you get the formula right you’ll see:

  • 8% consumption when you deploy content without a dedicated platform
  • 10% consumption when you deploy great content with an ok platform
  • 30% consumption if you deploy great content on a great platform
  • 60%+ get the first two parts right and then ensure that the content and platform are curated and shared in the flow of the learners work...
Great digital content is only a part of the learning experience.
In order to maximise the value of digital learning, it has to be presented in a way that makes sense in the flow of work.

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  • Great bite-size content covering a huge range of topics in multiple formats AND languages, to suit any learning style or need.
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  • Packages ranging from a single infographic, a whole playlist, or even our entire library of content.
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