New blended virtual training course offer from Hemsley Fraser - for teams and groups

In response to the changing needs of learners and organisations, we have redefined and updated our ready to go course offerings. This includes leadership and management, personal effectiveness, team performance and other specialist skills such as project management and financial awareness - creating a new suite of learning experiences that help meet the moment and are relevant to today’s business climate.

With face-to-face interactions still restricted and the hybrid working model looking more likely for the long term, we have worked with learners and organisations to create a highly effective blended and virtual alternative to face-to-face training.

Understanding that managers and their teams help set the tone for an organisation, with their skills, commitment and passion often being integral to business success, we acknowledged the challenges and opportunities that the changing world of work posed for effectively upskilling leaders and managers.

Building upon 30 years of experience as a top leadership and soft skills training provider our virtual blended training courses have proven to successfully overcome the challenges and are helping to motivate and inspire the leaders and aspiring leaders of today to be ready for tomorrow.

Having developed and optimised a wide range of more than 60 learning experiences to work naturally in today’s work environment; these are now available to groups and intact teams with extra custom and contextualisation options to help make the learning as relevant and engaging as possible for the team training need.

Working closely with subject matter experts, virtual learning specialists, a team of producers, and graphic designers, we have created learning experiences that focus on the essential and trending skills businesses need from their leaders and teams to grow and succeed in these challenging times.

Designed to benefit both the learner and organisation and develop and inspire people to ‘be ready for tomorrow’, these blended learning experiences use our model Excite, Engage and Embed.

The 60+ titles available include….

  • Introduction to Management
  • Building Resilience in Self and Others
  • Leading Remote Teams
  • Wellbeing & Stress
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Awareness
  • High Impact Leadership
  • Positive Psychology
  • And more

The courses incorporate a range of elements to make the learning experience relevant and engaging to the learner and help drive the necessary behaviour change:

Micro and nano-learning – micro-learning digital assets and bite-size virtual sessions ensure the learner can fit it more easily into their available time.

  • Flexible – the learner can enjoy the experience wherever they are based – home, the office, in transit – and at a time and pace that suits them.
  • Range of modalities – using different approaches such as virtual instructor-led sessions, videos, animation, infographics, Fluidbook digital interactive content, challenges, and check-ins, ensures that the learner is engaged and the content is conveyed in an easy to consume and flexible way.
  • Relevant, engaging and up-to-date – the learning content has been created by experts, is fresh and meets the needs of today while satisfying individual learning styles and preferences.
  • Learning experiences, not one-off events – adopting a creative learning journey approach, the courses push the boundaries using our Excite, Engage, Embed model to achieve a great blended learning experience. This ensures the context is set, there is a buzz about the learning, participants are engaged fully, and the learning is established back into the workplace.