Another lockdown… but this time with some 2020 hindsight

A message from our CEO

Todd Turner

Hemsley Fraser CEO

4 Minute read

8 January 2021

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We learned a lot during the various phases of the 2020 business year.  Like most organisations, at HF we took immediate efforts to shift to home working, figuring, as did many, that things would be back to normal soon enough. As the weeks began to stretch on reality set in, but with it, something magical happened. Our better selves emerged to meet the moment. We were early adopters of ‘virtual happy hours’ and we witnessed myriad heart-warming employee-led activities and group communications that lifted team spirits and drove even stronger connections around the world. We saw immense creativity in virtual bake-offs, remote team challenges, and mental well-being checks - led not by management, but from every corner of the business. Like everyone, we had our lapses - fatigue and negativity inevitably creeping in - but we persevered. And we know we can do it a little while longer. 

In the midst of these human emotions, we also reinvented our business model, putting our digital learning platform to even wider use, and greatly expanding the number of virtual learning courses on offer for our clients. We set out to prove that a work/learn from home experience could be just as invigorating, and connected, as in-person development. More than just PowerPoints on a platform.

Now, as lockdown 3.0 hits, we know what to expect. We know our virtual communications and engagement solutions will keep us all informed and connected. And we look forward to many more virtual events to keep spirits high.  We prepare to greet each other’s pets (and now children) on our calls a little while longer. We know it will be an excellent time for our team to focus on their personal development and personal well-being. And we’re thankful we have solutions to help that.  

The hindsight of 2020 fuels our passion that people development and engagement has never been more important to organisational success.  And we know that connections created through the process provide a vital lifeline for employees - especially when working remotely - connections brought about through learning, knowledge sharing, peer support, and welfare activities. The benefits go on and on. 

Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”  We’re ready to imagine with you – ensuring your teams experience the very best opportunities to stay connected and engaged during these trying times. 

Cause to pause?

People development and engagement initiatives can play a pivotal role in helping our organisations overcome pandemic-related workforce challenges - not to mention the longer-term advantages brought about through the continued growth and development of your staff during this time. This is why we’re so concerned when we hear organisations talk about pausing their workforce development initiatives during the pandemic. We get it; spending must be carefully monitored. But in order to survive and thrive this turbulent time, your employees will need your continued support and guidance. This is exactly why our Learning as a Service contracting approach allows you to receive the benefits of an engaged workforce now, while paying later.  If your learning programmes are on pause, give us a call.  We’d love to talk about options that might assist you in keeping these valuable connection points on track, just when they are needed the most. 

Have you considered Learning as a Service?

For those who want to make a big impact in a short period, we offer Learning as a Service. It's subscription-based, with a flexible, menu-driven array of services.