A great way to support skills and knowledge sharing in our time-pressured and hybrid working environments

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Zoom/digital fatigue… time pressures and risk of burnout…inclusive support of hybrid working… the pace of change… We’re all experiencing similar challenges, so how can learning help meet the moment in a way that’s going to engage?

What if you could share chunks of information and guidance in a timely, entertaining and engaging way? Nano learning is a great option to support your learning and development initiatives right now.


What do we mean?

Outside of work, we are already learning more from short soundbites or infographics on social media channels than from textbooks, manuals or formal classes, so why shouldn’t we use this approach in our busy working days too?

Quick and entertaining content provides learners with the information needed in a way that gets attention. But can nuggets of content really teach us anything of substance? Absolutely and it’s what people are asking for right now. Nano-learning is about delivering condensed guidance and information in an engaging format. It provides short soundbites or visuals of valuable and relevant content - consumed within 20 seconds to 3 minutes (or 15 minutes for audio) - that is easily accessible amongst people’s busy days and wherever they are.


Time pressures not going away and context is key

‘In a recent survey, 50% of respondents cited time and burnout as a barrier for learners’ (i)

Increasingly customers are asking us for short learning and communications pieces - contextualised and aligned to their business need – to support their learning initiatives. This approach to learning content is great for keeping costs down, bringing re-use, scalability and consistency when used across the business - perfect for meeting the moment - as people continue to grapple with the competing demands of remote/hybrid working and time pressures.

Many successful companies are using nano-learning with short bespoke contextualised content bites to help stimulate higher interest, drive engagement and deliver learning in the flow of work. Either as a timely standalone initiative or as part of the blend, they are able to move quickly to support people and the changing business priorities.


Supporting the pace of change

54% of all employees worldwide will require significant reskilling and upskilling by 2022 (ii)

According to the 2021 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey (iii), executives identified “the ability of their people to adapt, reskill, and assume new roles” as the top-ranked item to navigate future disruptions. To do this, organisations need to unlock their employees’ potential, building capability and enabling them to constantly renew and learn new skills.

Nano-learning can be adapted to meet different learning styles helping employees to upskill and reskill faster. Videos and animations for more visual learners and podcasts for those that like to listen on the go – other options include infographics, quizzes and flipcards. New learning can be taken and applied quickly to everyday work situations – reinforcing learning and allowing continuous improvement.


Focus on solutions to business challenges and scenarios rather than specific skills

Providing learning organised according to challenges or scenarios helps to create context – if the learner can relate to the given scenario, they will be more receptive and understand the value it can bring them immediately. Not only will they be more motivated to learn, but they are also likely, to implement this more quickly to the benefit of the individual and the organisation. Tackling specific challenges in this way – on scenarios such as working remotely, wellbeing and diversity and inclusion – where the learner can tap into content according to their need at the time will allow the learner to feel empowered and ‘own’ their learning.

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i Hemsley Fraser & 5App L&D Impact Survey 2021

ii World Economic Forum

iii 2021 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey


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