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Fixed vs Growth Mindset

Do you know the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset? Find out why it is important and tips on how to build one.

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Developing your mindset to enhance your learning ability

Join Ian Caldecourt, Senior Consultant at Hemsley Fraser, on Tuesday 18th May at 3PM where he will cover the topic of growth mindsets, sharing top tips, exploring theories and answering your questions. This extended 30-minute special is part of Hemsley Fraser's Tea at Three series which is live on our YouTube channel every Tuesday at 3 PM - join Ian as he prepares himself a cup of tea and talks about developing your mindset to enhance your learning ability.

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There are a variety of Tea at Three episodes already available for you to watch, ranging from staying positive, work-life balance, managing change and more much...

Learning from mistakes

Allowing mistakes to happen and learning from them

Ann Marie Duggan talks about the changing workplace and how some of these changes, such as virtual working and remote teams, has led to a growing recognition of the role of creating safe team environments in which mistakes can happen. We can all learn from mistakes and understand how we can do things differently – the key to this is having the right mindset, which allows individuals and teams to use the mistake as a learning opportunity.

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Mindset flipcards

How would

you react?

Check out this scenario you might face and the different ways you could react based on whether you use a fixed or a growth mindset. Use them to think about how you can respond to other situations where you may have not dealt with something the way you wanted to, and how you might respond in the future in order to continue to grow.

Do you find giving feedback uncomfortable?
In this video we give you some things to try, tips, things to remember and some do's and don'ts to ensure your feedback is received in the right way.

Learning through diversity

Companies with great diversity and inclusion outperform their peers by a significant margin. This is because diversity brings different perspectives and experiences – we can all learn from each other to identify new opportunities.

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