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Resilience in the workplace

Why is resilience so important? Let’s begin by exploring this and looking at some tips and actions to take to start building your resilience and help you face challenges head-on.

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Join Ian Caldecourt, Senior Consultant at Hemsley Fraser, on Tuesday 6th October at 3PM (GMT+1) where he will cover the topic of resilience sharing top tips, exploring theories and answering your questions. This extended 30-minute special is part of Hemsley Fraser's Tea at Three series which is live on our YouTube channel every Tuesday at 3 PM (GMT+1) - join Ian as he prepares himself a cup of tea and talks about resilience.

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There are a variety of Tea at Three episodes already available for you to watch, ranging from staying positive, work-life balance, managing change and more much...

Time to reflect

Wellbeing & resilience

Hemsley Fraser Senior Consultant Alex Hatfield leads a discussion on the role of wellbeing and resilience inside and outside of the workplace. Alex discusses the link between the two and explores the role that positive reinforcement plays in creating wellbeing and building resilience. The relevance of a three-way approach is also looked at, taking into account healthy body, mind and emotions.

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The current situation can be scary and can affect our mental health. While it is important to stay informed and work through the challenges we face, we should also take the time to support our wellbeing during such times. The word ‘psychology’ can have a stigma in the workplace. However, since 1998, a new field of psychology has been looking at how people can become more fulfilled and more productive. While traditional psychology is about finding out what’s wrong with you, this new movement of positive psychology is concerned with what makes life worth living.

Develop your flexibility & agility
With the modern workplace being so dynamic and, customer's needs continuously shifting, the ability to adapt and be flexible is essential when it comes to dealing with change.

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Personal resilience

When measuring your ability to cope and bounce back from difficulties, it is useful to view resilience as a set of habits that require conscious attention and further development. Use this tool to reflect and plan how you can stay resilient when faced with future challenges.

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