Hemsley Fraser To Run Connectedness Session at Learning Live 2023

Global learning and talent development provider Hemsley Fraser is running a session on connectedness at this year’s Learning Live conference and exhibition in London on Wednesday, September 13th.

22 August 2023

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Entitled “How building connectedness helps leaders navigate uncertainty – for themselves and their teams”, the session will examine how connectedness is key to growing the capabilities leaders and teams alike need amid new ways of working and heightened workplace uncertainty. The talk will demonstrate the practical actions that leaders and managers can take to achieve connectedness and boost teams’ resilience and performance.

The session, which will be led by Hemsley Fraser consultant Laura Walker and Learning Solutions Architect Abby Paterson, takes place from 3.15pm-4pm on Wednesday, September 13th, at etc.venues, Synergy 2, 133 Houndsditch, London, EC3A 7BX.

More information and event registration is available here.

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