Corporate communcations

Learning & development solutions shouldn't be deployed in a disconnected way. Businesses who do this risk losing their audience, or worse, connecting with their audience and missing the mark. 

Work with our team of producers to deploy relevant messages that create context for your L&D solution, and connect with your workforce in real-time on important business updates. Drive relevance and boost engagement by:

  • Setting context for learning 
  • Connecting programmes to business strategy
  • Teeing up expectations from business leaders
  • Fostering cross-team sharing to drive a learning culture 
  • Analysing people analytics to improve your learning effectiveness

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10 January 2020

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Leadership driven launch

If it's important to the organisation, it's important to your employees. Nothing boosts engagement like a personalised message from a business leader, particularly on a time-sensitive topic. Move over email... video messages and infographics can be a much more powerful way to convey tone and context, and to create the visual connection that's just so important right now. 


People-powered usage

Our usage analytics prove it, folks are more inclined to pay attention when the message is referred by someone they know. Video 'shout-outs' from your employees, team member podcasts, and routine team updates are all sure-fire ways to boost engagement across your business. It's easy, low-cost, and something everyone can participate in -- and it's fun.


Total business alignment

You'll find endless ways to drive employee engagement, promoting your business message each step of the way. A practical way to deploy knowledge management, an innovative on-boarding tool, a creative way to revive tired old policy docs.... the options are endless. And when employees want that inevitable mental break to check social media... guess what? They'll be browsing your Hub instead. 

Have you considered Learning as a Service?

For those who want to make a big impact in a short period, we offer Learning as a Service. It's subscription-based, with a flexible, menu-driven array of services.