Facilitated peer-based experiences

Leadership Labs

This is a learning experience that is led by the needs of the individual learner and their unique operating context. Leadership Labs can be either delivered in-person or virtually and each one in just 90 minutes. Relevant real-world context is set by your business and is honed further by the individual leaders within the lab itself. 

We hold the space for the group to actively reflect and learn through our elegant facilitated process; offering additional research and practical techniques to foster immediate incorporation of learning around some of today's most urgent leadership challenges.

Our approach

Our highly experienced facilitator will explore up to two concepts through our Lab process:

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A 90-minute facilitated session focused on a single topic or topic pairing, that provides leaders with the opportunity to: 

  • Share challenges in a safe, peer-based environment.
  • Discuss practical tips and techniques
  • Role-play and practise learning before bringing it back to the workplace.