Learning & corporate communications

Learning & development solutions shouldn't be deployed in a disconnected way. Businesses who do this risk losing their audience, or worse, connecting with their audience and missing the mark. 

Work with our team of producers to deploy relevant messages that create context for your L&D solution, and connect with your workforce in real-time on important business updates. Drive relevance and boost engagement by:

  • Setting context for learning 
  • Connecting programs to business strategy
  • Teeing up expectations from business leaders
  • Fostering cross-team sharing to drive a learning culture 
  • Analyzing people analytics to improve your learning effectiveness

Our clients have achieved 80-100% employee engagement with their solutions... particularly when connected to real-time business information. 


Boosting your engagement Boosting your engagement

Deploying Learning as a Service, in just 6 months

The new Greystar Business School has transformed the way employees learn, communicate, collaborate & engage across the business, resulting in a 24% improvement in performance & productivity, a 90% increase in understanding of goals & objectives & a 35% reduction in the likelihood of employees leaving.


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