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Blog Post | Blended learning

Unlocking the potential of hybrid learning to enable hybrid working – five key insights

There's been a lot said about hybrid working, but much less about hybrid learning. Hybrid working is about making the best use of the times and spaces available to achieve the work outcomes needed. Hybrid learning is about making the best use of times, spaces, and opportunities to grow skills and capabilities.

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Blog Post | Employee development

Trends in Corporate Learning 2022

Impacts from COVID-19 policies to work and home are lingering on employees’ minds, their well-being, and the future of the workplace. Considerations for wellness and mental health are a priority for organizations and these impacts learning efficacy.

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Blog Post | Employee development

Learning and development strategies for 2022

The last two years have yielded some valuable revelations for learning and development strategy. Business leaders, Human Resources (HR) and L&D leaders need to evolve their thinking about strategy in two ways to remain relevant in 2022 forward. It’s all a matter of strategy based on your best analysis of where the organization is headed.

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