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Introducing HF Learning as a Service - for those that need a solution... yesterday

This subscription-based model is designed for those that need to make a big impact in a short period:

  • Platform - Easy-to-instal Hub platform that shares learning content and boosts learner engagement
  • Accelerated Content - Off-the-shelf library of 'mix & match' digital learning assets 
  • Context - Consulting and production services to maximize relevance and context for your learning solution 
  • Experience - End-to-end support services to drive drama-free delivery of your learner experience 

Using our PACE approach, infinite client solutions -- big or small -- can be readily architected to excite, engage, and embed learning.  We believe this sustained and holistic approach to development drives better engagement, skill development, and behavior change…. empowering the learner to develop at their own pace, and to collaborate in the development and support of others. 

Learning as a Service

What’s unique about our approach?

We’re smart with your budget  
We’re fast as hell
We’re with you all the way

What’s unique about our approach?


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