The shift in learning culture towards a self-service model is real - but the likelihood that it supports common organizational goals is low

The growing use of digital

Increased use of digital technology for learning has enable organizations to shift their emphasis to more of a self-service model. Which in turn helps to foster an improved learning culture, but the technology alone is not enough!

Creating a learning culture

Learning should occur naturally and be something we should all strive for every day. Similar to the 'growth mindset', in which a person focuses their energies to stretching their abilities through application and resilience, creating a learning culture shifts mindsets to one in which employees continue to develop themselves and others through continued sharing, helping and learning.

People learn from experience, from mistakes and from peers. They remember the information that is relevant to them and that resonates with them. So, when we talk about ‘creating a culture', we need to remember that not all employees are used to self-directed learning and that learning should be relevant, timely, feel natural and ideally be in the flow of work.

Learning can be a motivating experience and a source of continuously performance improvement, provided the learners recognize the purpose of the learning, that it feels relevant to them, and is contextualized. That's where learning and engagement come together and why creating a holistic learning experience for the workforce, aligned to the goals of the business is key to creating a true learning culture.


Preparing for the age of

self-service learning

The future is bright for the L&D function – but only if we navigate the pandemic challenges, learn how to engage the business to invest in our initiatives, excite our learners about the options available to them, and leverage technology wisely to help embed the learning into the day-to-day.

The power of curation
Many content providers are large aggregators that pull any content source or author. So even on a common subject, there is a risk that employees will take information from a different source. Ensuring a consistent learning objective and methodology adds even more benefit for employers. This is why we are such supporters of strong content curation -- and establishing a business-specific context for your development.

The power of context & relevance

Knowledge sharing, communication & learning in the flow of work

Having a learning platform and content is not enough. The shift in learning culture towards a self-service model is real - but the likelihood that it supports common organizational goals is low. Without the right approach and the support activities to bring this to life, to ensure the content is relevant and learners receive the learning in the natural context of their work, organization-wide engagement won't be achieved and the experience will likely fall flat and not deliver the expected results.

Plus, in these times of uncertainty, by fostering a culture of continuous learning, HR and learning professionals can be a life line. Helping the team stay informed and motivated, developing new skills, boosting resilience, and ensuring well-being.

The Hub

A platform for creating engaging self-service learning

The HF Digital Hub includes thousands of digital learning assets that can be used to create online and blended learning experiences, as well as an engaging user interface for business updates, key leadership messages, and knowledge management. Features such as ‘playlisting', ‘trending’, and ‘sharing’ ensure a more dynamic environment for learning. Just one look and you’ll understand why usage of your LMS is so low… 

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