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Make your learning more agile, impactful, accessible, and scalable... put digital at the heart of the experience.

Technology has fundamentally changed every aspect of our lives... how we shop, how we listen to music, how we handle our finances, and more recently how we work from home. We've gotten used to having the most basic of services available on our terms, when and how we want them. Why should learning be any different?

Often referred to as online learning or e-learning, we think digital learning has come of age and, when created and used in the right way, is having a hugely beneficial impact on the way we all learn. The traditional 'e-learning' market has moved on. Today's digital, micro-learning approach - comprised of blended experiences - is the way forward.

The options are endless and so are the learning opportunities. 

The choice is yours The choice is yours

The Hub

Enabling learning and engagement experiences that drive transformative change

The Hub provides access to our digital learning content anytime, anywhere, and on any device!

HF clients using the Hub are seeing content engagement levels routinely above 80%.

Currently accessible by over 2,000,000 learners around the globe, and growing fast!

Recognized by training as one of the Top 20 online libraries in the world.


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Our approach

We're quick & we like to blend

Using our excite, engage, embed method, we create truly blended learning experiences that have impact. We support you to deploy solutions quickly, to meet your changing business priorities, that engage your learners.



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