Why our training courses

& learning programs

Award-winning provider, with 30+ years expertise providing leading soft skills training courses and development programs

Why have our training courses got such a great reputation?

More than just a course,

this is a learning journey

We use our proven excite, engage, embed method to ensure the learning experience is engaging and the learning is sustained.

As well as great expert-led training, every participant gets free access to our digital hub. All HF open program and team experience participants get complimentary access to playlist content on our digital Hub for up to a year! This ‘Netflix-like’ hub houses curated learning content and resources – animations, digital books, infographics, podcasts and mobile learning - to support your learning experience. This means you can keep on learning long after the formal training is over.

A great training experience
- An environment to learn, explore, transform & grow
- A journey, not just a one-off session
- Designed by subject experts
- Proven and flexible approach


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