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Using AI Intelligently to Boost the Strategic Impact of L&D

AI is multi-faceted, so in this conversation, we brought together three complementary perspectives to help build the holistic, strategic perspective you need.

  • What the strategic impact of L&D means in an AI world — what is enduring and what is changing.
  • How AI innovations could help turbo-charge your human skills learning.
  • Practical steps organizations are taking to build trust in AI-enhanced L&D.

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Is your leadership development ready for 2024?

HR Grapevine Roundtable findings

How building connectedness helps leaders navigate uncertainty – for themselves and their teams

With Laura Walker & Ben George

The latest evidence and practice show building connectedness is key to growing the capabilities leaders and teams need, but what does it mean in practice – for organizations and leaders themselves?

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What about the managers? Is your leader development ready for tomorrow?  

With Laura Walker & Bri Montana

Organizations are learning to adapt to new ways of working. Managers bear the brunt of these challenges, and it can be tough. They need the right support to grow the capacity, capability and confidence to lead themselves and their teams.

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Psychological Safety 

with Laura Walker & Annie Kollar

We all know psychological safety matters. Research supports the connection between high levels of safety, engagement and team performance. But how can psychological safety benefit learning specifically?

  • What psychological safety means.
  • Why it matters now to organizations, teams and individuals.
  • How to utilize the SPEAK Model to encourage psychological safety in teams.

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