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Why leaders need to nurture and encourage real connection

In this episode, we explore the vital concept of fostering networks to cultivate a sense of belonging in our teams. Join us as we discuss the importance of deliberate, not forced connectedness, and relearning how to nurture genuine connections through active listening and curiosity. 

The importance of human connection

In part one of our human connectedness podcast, Laura Walker and Ben George discuss the importance of human connection and share experiences about the genuine impact of connections at work and in your personal life and its role in collective well-being and productivity.

Building the top ten capabilities leaders and managers need to be ready for tomorrow!

In our management and leadership model, we highlight the ten most important capabilities, there could have been more than ten, but we deliberately focused on the most important and impactful ones. It’s fair to say, some have emerged more recently, whilst others are more enduring.

We will also be sharing top tips for organisations and L&D professionals who are committed to supporting their managers and leaders to be the best they can be.

The good, the bad and the ugly about generative AI

We’ve engaged a group of experts, L&D innovators, researchers, and business leaders to get a well-rounded perspective on generative AI's role in the field of learning and development.

How can L&D professionals use the new management & leadership model in practice?

At the end of 2022, the Hemsley Insights Group – a team of senior external L&D practitioners plus our own internal experts – set out to discover what matters most in developing leaders and managers who are ready for tomorrow. Drawing on 30 years of leadership development expertise, the latest research, insight from subject experts, and customers globally we developed our new model of management and leadership.

What does great management look like?

New ways of working, growing complexity, greater expectations, and continuing uncertainty are challenging for everyone, including managers and leaders. Organizations, teams, and external stakeholders are asking more and more of them and they are feeling the pressure. Many are struggling to develop fast enough to cope, let alone thrive.

Psychological Safety: Why it matters now

The L&D Leader's Lounge - The Hemsley Fraser Podcast

We all know psychological safety matters. A wealth of evidence shows the connection between high levels of safety, engagement and team performance. But, what about psychological safety and learning specifically?

Role Modelling Psychological Safety

Part 2 of 3

As social beings, learning from each other, and each other’s mistakes is inherently natural. Something we do from birth. In part two of this podcast Laura Walker, Eleanor Hudgell & John Shephard explore how teams are a rich source of learning. 

The Connection Between Psychological Safety & Learning

Part 3 of 3

In the final part of this podcast with Laura Walker, Eleanor Hudgell & John Shephard, they explore psychological safety in the context of learning and discuss how we're all naturally social learners and how we need to make the most of our inherent capacity.

Developing Agile Talent

The L&D Leader's Lounge - HF Insight Group Podcast

  • What do we mean by agile?
  • Why is developing agile talent a business agenda?
  • What can you do to shift your current talent approach?


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