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CSR is more than a policy for HF, it's the way we conduct business. From carefully controlling the environmental impacts of our facilities, our training materials production, and our training travel plans; to ensuring a keen focus on staff health and welfare; to supporting the local communities in which we live and operate... we strive to be good corporate citizens.

Environmental, social, & ethical performance...

We are pleased to have been awarded Silver status by EcoVadis, the world's most trusted business sustainability rating - putting HF in the top 25% of businesses rated

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Hemsley Fraser Team Challenge

On the 6th October 2019 nearly 60 Hemsley Fraser employees crossed the finish line at the Plymouth 10k and 5k running races - with huge support from the rest of the HF family (it was hard to miss the shirts)!  We love to keep fit and have fun. 

Our HF team used our Hub platform to communicate and build engagement for this event, getting employees involved throughout the whole journey, from initial sign-up to post-run sharing. It was a transformational moment for our team, and also a key insight into the power of the Hub to build momentum and interest on an employee-led team-building event.

We'd love to help you get your employees moving!

Learn more about how the team built momentum
Why not try the Hub and see how 'shout out' and motivational videos can be used across teams to create collaboration and a feeling of belonging.

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