Spirit Energy CASE STUDY

Creating a powerful centralized learning Hub with Spirit Energy

Understand more about how multinational E&P business Spirit Energy partners with Hemsley Fraser to enable better learning in the flow of work for away-from-screen workers whilst also overcoming learning challenges caused by the changing structures of work.

Spirit Energy is an exploration and production (E&P) company, with a difference. The organization is ‘pushing what’s possible, embracing collaboration as the new normal, and thinking differently.’

The challenge

With a presence in the UK, and The Netherlands, this is a multinational business. Many employees work without regular access to computers or their phones, making communication and connection a challenge.

Spirit Energy was already working with Hemsley Fraser on a flagship leadership L&D program. As the company managed the uncertainty of Covid-19, alongside internal changes and a volatile market, Spirit Energy needed new ways to ensure effective collaboration and to embrace a culture of learning.

The solution

As part of the leadership program, Spirit Energy gave its 750 employees access to Hemsley Fraser’s on-demand learning Hub. The Hub is a central resource and connects all of the elements of a blended learning program. However, working with Hemsley Fraser, Spirit Energy has been using the Hub in new and innovative ways.

The Hub has become the home of L&D for Spirit Energy. In addition to using the Hub to host its own content, Spirit Energy has worked with Hemsley Fraser to create and tailor content which supports staff as they navigate uncertainty. Topics include hybrid working, going digital, mental health, and diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Additionally, Spirit Energy is using the Hub to onboard new staff members, provide employees with user guides and pilot blended learning programs. The Hub’s content is available on-demand and is accessible at the point of need.

The results

Spirit Energy’s aim was to create an equal learning opportunity for staff working across locations, half of which spent their working day away from screens. This means learning in the flow of work is more of a challenge. The Hub has helped learning to become closer to operations by demonstrating the benefits to learners and providing them with a positive and easy learning experience.

The Hub has also helped the organization to become more self-sufficient in delivering learning programs. By using some of their own content, Spirit Energy ensures maximum engagement by providing context to the learners.

Additionally, Spirit Energy’s senior team and managers can access the Hub’s dashboard, giving them insight into how employees engage with the learning content.

Now, Spirit Energy and Hemsley Fraser are working together to enable managers and the executive team to distribute content to specific audiences. This further helps to grow the learning culture, by involving more senior staff and encouraging social learning and knowledge sharing.

The Hub has been transformed into a centralized resource which can be used for both programmatic learning and self-serve content. In a turbulent environment, the Hub provides an agile solution which helps organizations adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

"Our challenge has always been to create a platform for learning that met the needs of our workforce. As we move into a focus on Energy Transition, we see the hub as a catalyst." Sarah Smith, Talent and L&D Lead at Spirit Energy