During this 90-minute virtual session, participants will delve into the topic of unconscious bias and how it can impact us in our daily lives. The course will cover different types of bias that typically influence
our thinking and decision-making processes. Importantly, by the end of the session participants will have looked at developing strategies to help them overcome the impact that unconscious bias has on us.

You will learn the differences between our reflexive and reflective minds and how we process information, the session examines the most common types of bias our minds are dealing with at any given time and
identifies and describes a range of micro-messages relating to bias. Participants will leave with some coping strategies to overcome the negative impacts of unconscious bias.

Suitable for anyone who wants to develop strategies to help overcome the impact that unconscious bias has on us.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between our reflective and reflexive minds.
  • List and describe the types of unconscious bias.
  • Identify three different types of gender bias.
  • Describe and identify a range of micro-messages.
  • Describe a range of strategies to overcome the negative impact of unconscious bias.

What is Unconscious Bias?

  • Associations
  • Reflective and reflexive minds
  • Pattern recognition

Types of Unconscious Bias

  • Unconscious bias types
  • Cognitive errors and unconscious bias
  • Work-based study scenarios
  • Stereotypes
  • When does unconscious bias come into play?

Signs of Unconscious Bias

  • Types of micro-messages
  • How are micro-messages communicated?

Overcoming Unconscious Bias

  • A two-way strategy solution
  • Overcoming negative impacts
  • Do’s and don’ts when interacting with different people
  • Positive actions