This 90-minute virtual session is focused on giving and receiving effective feedback. It looks at practical tools and techniques to improve how feedback can be used to improve your own and other people’s performance. Initially looking at what is and what isn’t effective feedback it goes on to look at different kinds of feedback. The course includes some definitions of what effective feedback is and what different kinds of feedback look like. You will learn how to use the BOFF model for structuring feedback, what behaviours are considered essential in delivering feedback and which factors are important when receiving feedback.

Everyone needs to give and receive feedback and how this is delivered is key to a positive outcome. Whether you are a manager or work as part of a team you will gain effective feedback skills.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define what effective feedback is and define different kinds of feedback.
  • Use the BOFF model to structure feedback.
  • Consider what behaviours are essential in delivering feedback.
  • Discuss the important factors when receiving feedback.

What is Feedback?

  • What it is and is not
  • Different kinds of feedback
  • Good and bad feedback

How to Give Feedback

  • BOFF; Behaviour, Outcomes, Feelings, Future
  • Feedback process
  • How should you do it?

Receiving Feedback

  • What should you do?