An intensive three-day course focusing on all the key tools and techniques required of new managers in today’s fast moving business environment.  Using real life examples and insights from an experienced facilitator, you will leave with a practical toolkit of best practice management techniques.

A rigorous and demanding course central to your development as a manager and leader of people.  

This rapid development course ensures that you are fully equipped with the essential management and leadership skills and confidence to achieve success. You will learn how to plan and set goals, manage and motivate for improved performance, anticipate problems and provide clear leadership.

Suitable for new supervisors, team leaders and managers who have no prior training. This demanding program will enable you to hit the ground running in your new role.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define your role as both a manager and a leader.
  • Establish clear objectives and standards of performance for your team.
  • Motivate, manage and lead your team to meet objectives and deliver results.
  • Plan and prioritize your workload using effective delegation, goal planning and key skills for managing information.
  • Deal effectively with difficult behavior by providing constructive feedback.
  • Use your communication skills with more impact to manage better meetings and to influence and persuade your team.

Stepping Up to your New Role

  • What is required of you? Role and responsibilities 
  • The role and characteristics of successful leaders
  • Making the transition to a manager of others 
  • Meeting the demands of your manager and team

Managing Change

  • Understanding the nature of change
  • A model for implementing change
  • Appreciate people’s reactions to change and manage them effectively

Successful Interpersonal Communication

  • Overcoming the barriers to effective communication
  • Building relationships through positive communication
  • Communicating more assertively in meetings
  • Influencing and persuading colleagues

Personal Effectiveness, Time Management and Delegation

  • Techniques for self-management 
  • Identifying key result areas 
  • Deal with information overload 
  • The process of delegation and its benefits 
  • Learn a model for effective delegation 
  • Identify and overcome the barriers to effective delegation

Team Building, People Management and Motivation

  • Distinguish team roles and responsibilities
  • Create the ability to recognise and manage the different roles
  • Maximize and maintain input and motivation - building the desire for results
  • Theories of motivation and their impact in the workplace
  • Practical ideas on how to motivate your team
  • Recognize the signs of demotivation - tools and techniques to turn this around

Enhancing Team Performance through Coaching and Development

  • Identify the team’s coaching and training needs
  • Coaching skills for managers
  • Provide recognition and feedback
  • Respond to poor performers

Problem Solving and Dealing with Conflict

  • A six-step technique for problem solving and decision making
  • Deal with difficult people and situations - working towards positive conclusions
  • Handle conflict within the team and promoting cooperative behaviour
  • Recognize and adapt your preferred style for resolving conflict

Your Future Development

  • Your facilitator will coach and assist you to develop a personal application plan to implement on your return to work.